Gerald McRaney

Luogo di nascita:
Collins, Mississippi, USA:

Deadwood: The Movie (2019)
George Hearst
A Violent Separation (2019)
Tom Campbell
Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love (2016)
Rev. Jake Owens
The Disappointments Room (2016)
Judge Ernest Blacker
Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (2015)
Rev. Jake Owens
Focus (2015)
The Best of Me (2014)
Tuck Hostetler
Heart of the Country (2013)
Red Tails (2012)
Lieutenant General Luntz
Get Low (2010)
Rev. Gus Horton
The A-Team (2010)
General Morrison
Saving Shiloh (2006)
Ray Preston
Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2005)
Lieutenant General George S. Patton
Hansel & Gretel (2002)
Tornado Warning (2002)
Dr. Jake Arledge
Danger Beneath the Sea (2001)
Admiral Eugene Justice
Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000)
Comanche (2000)
Col. Samuel Sturgis
A Song for the Season (1999)
Cal Peterson
Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story (1999)
Howard Danner
A Thousand Men and a Baby (1997)
Capt. John 'Chick' Hayward
A Nightmare Come True (1997)
Don Zarn
Verliebt in einen Frauenschänder? (1995)
Dave Morgan
Not Our Son (1995)
George Keller
Jake Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou (1995)
Jake Lassiter
Someone She Knows (1994)
Frank Mayfield
Deadly Vows (1994)
Tom Weston
Motorcycle Gang (1994)
Cal Morris
Armed and Innocent (1994)
Bobby Lee Holland
Scattered Dreams (1993)
George Messenger
Blind Vengeance (1990)
Garr Hagar
Murder on the Moon (1989)
Dennis Huff
Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? (1988)
The People Across the Lake (1988)
Chuck Yoman
A Hobo's Christmas (1987)
Easy Prey (1986)
Christopher Wilder
Jackals (1986)
Jake Wheeler
City Killer (1984)
Lieutenant 'Eck' Eckford
Die unendliche Geschichte (1984)
Bastian's Father
The Haunting Passion (1983)
Dan Evans
Memories Never Die (1982)
Howdy Tilford
Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case (1980)
Cliff Sulkes
The Aliens Are Coming (1980)
Patrolman Ashley
The Jordan Chance (1978)
Sid Burton
The Return of the Incredible Hulk (1977)
Denny Kayle
The Brain Machine (1977)
Willie West
Keep Off My Grass! (1975)
David Sherman
His Wife's Habit (1970)
Terrance Bradford
The Night of Bloody Horror (1969)
Wesley Stuart